Although there is currently no legal requirement for a company to operate an Environmental Policy (unlike a health and safety policy), Specialist Contractors are increasingly being required to do so by their clients as a condition of obtaining work.

Environmental Impacts

Being a comprehensive worldwide delivery company in the refrigerated transport market, Broughton Transport are fully committed to the environment and are aware of the impact we have as a Transport Company.

  • We are committed to improving our practices in order to minimise the impact of our freight on the environment
  • We optimise our routes through our state of the art tracking system to reduce noise pollution and diesel consumption.
  • We also reduce emissions by our vehicle fleet maintenance programme and the vehicles that we purchase
  • We regularly maintain and service all company vehicles to ensure their efficiency and minimise GHG emissions
  • We educate our staff on what each individual can do to help the environment. We keep our usage of non-organic cleaning material to a minimum
  • We will use, where viable, recyclable products and encourage the recycling of materials and waste
  • We will always listen to Government, whether local or national on their views on what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint
  • We ensure all vehicles are compliant with the London Low Emission Zone
  • We take account of environmental considerations such as developments in fuel and vehicle technology, when acquiring new company vehicles

Sustainability and Environmental Management

Broughton Transport Solutions are fully committed to operating sustainably and we continue to build momentum in meeting and advancing our environmental goals.

Overall the fleet consists of 55 units with over 70 trailers and we continue to grow year on year in line with business growth.

A key objective of the company is to operate a high quality fleet and we have invested heavily in this with 100% of our vehicles now meeting the Euro 6 emissions standards.  This has been part of our vehicle and trailer replacement and refurbishment policy so that we operate the most efficient vehicles. But our work doesn’t stop there as we focus heavily on optimising vehicle utilisation.  Full checks are made to ensure all vehicle are compliant to all regulations and all vehicles are fitted with dash cams, trackers and telematics to ensure driver efficiency is maximised. 

A core objective for 2023/24 is to implement solar panels at our head office so that we can sustainably power our facility as well as providing power to our refrigerated trailers.

As an organisation Broughton Transport are fully committed to sustainability and positive environmental management and we follow a policy of continuous improvement in both operations and working practices.

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