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Transporting fresh summer produce

For many consumers, summer is a wonderful time of the year. The sun is out, it’s warmer, lighter and we all feel great. For businesses providing fresh produce to consumers, however, it has its challenges.

I scream for ice cream

Hot weather requires great tasting ice cream (we’re sure you agree!), but this delicious summer favourite is only enjoyed if it’s delivered frozen. Fresh summer produce is the same. Whether it’s summer fruits such as strawberries and raspberries or seasonal vegetables, fresh produce will only remain fresh and great tasting if it’s maintained at the right temperature from the minute they are picked until they arrive in the hands of the consumer.

A large part of the process of getting summer produce - including frozen peas and chips - to the end customer is the transport and logistics.

Here are some of our tips on how to deliver the highest quality fresh produce to your customers this summer:

Reduce ‘standing time’

The process from farm or factory to the store can be a time-consuming process, and the longer the process, the higher the risk of lower quality produce. This logistical process can be reduced dramatically by reducing the time that fresh produce is left in storage waiting to be picked up.

Working closely with a refrigerated transport company allows you to reduce the time that produce is left in warehouses or storage areas. As soon as a product, like fruit or vegetables, is picked on the farm or packed in a factory, such as meat or poultry, your refrigerated freight partner should be ready to pick up the produce and ship it to the next stage in the logistics process.

Use refrigerated and freezer containers for shipping

The best way to transport frozen goods is by using trucks with temperature-controlled freezer compartments. Similarly, fresh goods should also be transported in lorries with chiller compartments.

Transporting goods at the right temperature can dramatically prolong the life of produce and keep it fresh for longer. At Broughton Transport, we have a fleet of refrigerated lorries and freezer containers that can have their internal temperatures set to the right temperature before picking up any produce. And these temperatures are then maintained until they arrive at their destination.

Temperature-sensitive logistics - How to keep it seamless

Transporting fresh and perishable goods that are temperature sensitive always has its challenges. There can are plenty of reasons for delays in transit including traffic issues and various technical issues. If you are importing or exporting perishable goods, make sure to have the correct paperwork in order to avoid any issues at customs if you are importing to the UK or exporting from the UK, and make sure to work with a refrigerated transport company that has experience transporting goods internationally with temperature controlled lorries.

Planning your logistics, including the best routes and times to transport goods can also help reduce delays. At Broughton Transport we also track our lorries with GPS so that we can understand where your produce is at every stage of the journey.

Need help transporting perishables in hot weather?

From frozen chips and ice cream to fresh fruit and vegetables, if you need help transporting perishables, fresh or frozen produce safely and in great condition then get in touch.

When it comes to transporting fresh and frozen products, Broughton Transport has the expertise and know-how to ensure your temperature-sensitive logistics process is as smooth as possible.

If you are looking to partner with a refrigerated transport company that has the right skills and expertise call Broughton Transport today. We would love to have an initial chat with you to see how we can help.

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