It’s been a tough time for businesses recently. From Brexit and covid to inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, there have been a lot of obstacles to navigate. In such a challenging environment, the last thing anyone wants to be doing is spending money unnecessarily. In this guide, we’ll breakdown five ways your business can leverage The Pallet Network to cut distribution costs and boost performance.

Leverage Pallet Networks for Cost-Effective and Sustainable Distribution

We all know that transporting full loads is more cost-efficient, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Maybe you’ve had a last-minute order and you need a pallet delivered the next day, or maybe you just don’t have enough pallets going in one direction to make up a full load. Usually this might mean sending a pallet in a van or transporting an LTL (Less Than Truckload) and taking a hit on the cost. That’s where pallet networks come in. Think of it like lift sharing, except instead of people it’s pallets. If you and 20 other businesses need pallets delivered to Liverpool, it doesn’t make financial (or environmental) sense to send them on 20 different lorries. If those pallets can be combined into one full load, all the businesses save money (and it’s better for the planet).

At Broughton Transport, we’re a member of the UK’s leading pallet network, TPN (The Pallet Network). As one of its members, we help businesses across the Southwest save money on domestic and international pallet deliveries every day. Whether you need your pallet delivered next day or you’d prefer to use our economy service, we will ensure your pallets are delivered as cost-effectively as possible.

Streamline Customs Clearance for European Exports

Even people outside the logistics industry are aware of how much of a headache dealing with customs has been for export businesses since the UK left the EU. At Broughton Transport, we have a dedicated customs team on hand to help you navigate the process. Combining their extensive experience with TPN’s highly effective customs system, our team has helped customers eliminate a significant amount of admin, saving them time and money. If your business sends pallets to Europe, speak to us today about how we can help you by handling customs clearance and paperwork.

Optimise Your Pallet Network Use with Expert Support

Whether you already use a pallet network or not, getting some expert advice on how to maximise cost efficiency through the network could save you money. At Broughton Transport, all our customers benefit from the support of our dedicated pallet network team who are on hand to help them optimise their use of the network and handle paperwork, reducing the time they spend managing admin. For customers distributing high volumes of pallets, we assign an account handler to work with them. The account handler focuses on identifying ways to reduce costs and improve performance. We’re so confident in our experts, we’re offering businesses a free distribution audit to help them identify where they could be saving money.

Eliminate Admin with Instant Proof of Delivery

The last thing you want your team spending their time doing is chasing down delivery information. At Broughton Transport, we provide instant proof of deliveries giving your team immediate access to the information they need to do their jobs, cutting out unnecessary admin and saving you money.

Compare Rates to Find the Most Cost-Effective Transport Solution

Like any purchase, you want to be sure you’re getting the best price on your transport. Comparing rates from multiple businesses will help you narrow down which one offers the best price. At Broughton Transport, we offer extremely competitive rates that could help your business cut costs. Want to see for yourself? Just request a rate card.