Bike Safety Tips

Using a bicycle or motor bike can be a leisurely, fun activity - as well as being a more cost-effective method of getting from one point to another but it does have its dangers.

There are many reasons why it can be dangerous. For example, with bikes having less presence on the road than a car or a lorry makes them harder to see and their agility and ability to quickly change lanes or weave between cars (especially when traffic is at a standstill or moving slowly) makes them harder to see for other drivers. Added to this, not wearing the right protective equipment increases the risk of fatal injury.

Here are some safety tips that our lorry drivers have come up with to make your next bike journey safer while still being enjoyable!

Wear high-vis

During bad weather, drivers can find it extremely difficult to see someone on a bike but even on a clear day, it’s recommended to wear high visibility clothing. On a road, there’s a lot going on with oncoming cars, traffic junctions and pedestrians by the side of the road. A driver needs to see a bike quickly and easily and one of the best ways to stand out is by wearing bright visibility clothing.

Use lights

Lights on a bike help to increase visibility further and should be used to make sure drivers are aware of your presence. Standard clothing and bike colours can easily blend into other surroundings when a driver looks over his or her shoulder or in his or her mirror but bike lights don’t blend in so much - they stand out much more! We’d recommend using lights on the front as well as on the back of your bicycle. It’s also a good idea to wear a light on your protective head gear – flashing lights are even better especially at night!

Think lorry, think lorry driver

You are most likely familiar with the phrase, ‘think bike, think biker’ that has been displayed by the side of roads across the UK - and the message is for good reason. Drivers need to be more alert and aware of bikers on the road. We think, however, that this phrase is also applicable if reversed!

Because bikers have less presence on the roads, they are naturally more aware of drivers but it’s easy for a biker to assume that they can be seen by drivers - or to weave between vehicles assuming that drivers are aware of their presence. An understanding of the challenges a driver has can help to ensure that the right safety precautions are taken.

Lorry drivers, for example, have much less visibility of what is going on behind and to the sides of them and a fully loaded lorry has a much longer braking distance than is often assumed by bikers and car drivers!

Wear protective gear and ride to the conditions

Slowing down on corners when it’s icy and taking extra precautions when it’s raining can help make the journey much safer. So can wearing the right protective gear. Another great tip is to regularly check your bike to make sure it’s in good condition. Incorrect tyre pressures, for example, can make the handling worse and possibly more dangerous - especially in wet or icy conditions!

Using a bike should be fun and enjoyable - and with these tips, we are sure you still can have a great experience; safe in the knowledge that you are taking the necessary measures for a less dangerous journey!

We hope you have enjoyed our top bike safety tips. If you would like to find out about our logistics services and what we do, get in touch.