Make sure your plant-based produce arrives in great condition with these 3 tips

The consumption of plant-based foods has grown rapidly in recent years as more people are choosing to eat healthier, care for the planet or both, and while this is positive news, it also presents challenges for the various industries involved in delivering plant-based produce!

Farmers and the hospitality trade have to manage capacity to meet demand. They also have to tailor what they offer to meet demand and make sure that they conform to regional standards.

Vegan based foods, for example, cannot be cooked or stored alongside meat and other non-vegan ingredients.


Another challenge the industry faces is the shipping and transportation of plant-based produce. Many fruit and vegetables have a very short lifespan, which can decrease rapidly if they aren’t stored correctly, and at the right temperature. And since shipping fresh fruit and vegetables can take several hours or even a few days, the temperature and environment they are stored at when being shipped are critical.

Want to make sure your fruit and vegetables arrive at the highest quality possible? Here are 3 tips for transporting fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables and other plant-based produce for your business:

Seek logistics experts and build a partnership

Your area of expertise might be in growing fresh produce or making items that contain plant-based products and that’s great, but you can’t be expected to understand the best ways to store and transport these as well.

Working with a transport company that has the expertise and know-how when it comes to shipping fresh produce safely and quickly means that you can leverage their expertise.

Once you have found a logistics partner that you are confident you can work with, integrate their solution into the wider supply chain solution so that you can seamlessly deliver plant-based products.

At Broughton Transport, we have many years of experience delivering fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables across the UK and Europe using our proven processes and temperature-controlled lorries.

Define a process optimised around the delivery

One of the worst things a business can do is have produce that’s freshly picked or packed, but have it waiting for hours or even days because the process isn’t synced up with the schedule for when the goods are due to be collected and shipped.

The best way to make sure that produce stays fresh is to have it ready for collection just before it’s due to be transported. Reducing ‘idle time’ means that fresh food goods are shipped quicker and will stay fresher.

Transport your fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables at the right temperature!

Using temperature-controlled containers that can keep your produce at exactly the right temperature is critical. And at Broughton Transport, we have a range of temperature-controlled lorries that keep your plant-based ingredients at the perfect temperature during transport. This includes:

With our wide range of temperature controlled lorries we are able to keep products frozen, chilled or even at a precise ambient temperature. This means that there's no need to worry about what condition goods will arrive in.

Need help with transporting plant-based products?

To find out more about how Broughton Transport can help you, get in touch. We have many years of experience working with businesses across UK and Europe that need fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables and other plant-based products transporting. Broughton Transport has also worked continuously to develop the way we work so that we have proven processes.

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