Levelling out the peaks and troughs of supply & demand

Managing supply and demand is a challenge. Even without the challenges of COVID, Brexit and other extreme circumstances like a reduction in qualified HGV lorry drivers, demand for products and services can vary throughout the year with seasonal events such as the summer months, Halloween and Christmas.

Effective management of supply and demand requires well-structured and thought-out planning and the ability to adapt quickly. If your business needs help managing your supplies better, then give the logistics experts at Broughton Transport a call today to see how we can help. Our HGV transport services are second to none when it comes to great haulage and storage services.

Fast delivery of pumpkins, turkey & sprouts

Pumpkins, turkey & sprouts are great examples of retail and food products that see huge variations in transport demand. For most of the year, these products are in low demand in UK and Europe but, as winter beckons, these seasonal products become increasingly sought after in shops.

By managing the supply chain, the peaks and troughs of supply and demand can be levelled out. Accurate forecasting and stock management ensure that you have enough stock ready for the peaks in demand, but this is only part of the solution. An effective transport strategy is vital.

Partnering with a logistics company that can respond quickly and efficiently means that goods can be quickly shipped out, leaving more storage capacity to cope with the higher demand.

Storage warehousing - Capacity and the drops in demand

When demand of seasonal products drop, a major cost issue that many businesses face is the ongoing management and fees associated with keeping empty storage space. At Broughton Transport, we provide large warehousing and storage facilities that’s only charged based on what you need. You can increase or decrease your storage space with us to suit your storage requirements.

If your retail or food business is facing a peak in demand, then you can quickly increase your storage capacity with us and similarly, during the low season, there’s no need to pay for and maintain empty storage space.

Reaching new markets during drops in demand

Another way to manage drops in demand is to sell produce to a wider market during quieter times. The increased sales from new markets help to compensate for lower sales. Broughton Transport is able to transport fresh and frozen food products across Europe and the UK using our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled HGV lorries.

Our expertise and experience in the transportation of fresh food and frozen food means that fresh and frozen products can be delivered to customers over greater distances while the condition of the products are in the same condition at the end of the journey as they were at the start!

Level out to level up your business

Reduce costs and don’t miss opportunities due to a lack of supply with our logistics support. At Broughton Transport, we work with all businesses to help them level out the peaks and troughs they face in supply and demand so that they can level up their business.

Growing a business requires a long-term planning approach to supply chain management. Give our transport company a call today on 01225 700 657 to find out more and see how our UK transport company can delivery goods in UK and Europe.