Whether it’s last-minute orders before Christmas or urgent requests from customers, last-minute deliveries can put a lot of pressure on a business.

At Broughton Transport, we work closely with businesses to ensure that we can handle all last-minute deliveries of seasonal produce and other goods while meeting the high expectations of our customers. We have the processes, expertise and equipment to help.

Quick deliveries - Preparing in advance

By partnering with Broughton, you can ensure that you are prepared for any last-minute requests from your customers. Even before any request has been made by your customer, you have the confidence to deliver with the help of Broughton Transport.

Finding a logistics company that can help, and that is available, can take up valuable time - and this could be time that you simply don’t have when it comes to fulfilling a last-minute delivery - whether that's for frozen food deliveries, electrical goods deliveries or brussell sprouts!

A fleet for fast freighting

Delivering seasonal produce and anything that has a limited shelf-life often needs fast, efficient transportation. This can require a range of vehicles including refrigerated trailers to keep produce fresh during the shipment and larger wagons as well as express vans for quicker delivery of smaller volumes. 

At Broughton Transport we have an established and evolving fleet of vehicles to help you handle quick deliveries. Our haulage fleet consists of the following:

  • Express Vans
  • 18-tonne Curtainside Rigids
  • 26-tonne Curtainside Rigids
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Box Trailers
  • Curtainside Trailers

Our large fleet of delivery vans, lorries and trailers allows us to use the right vehicle for your needs while also having the capacity to be able to respond quickly to your requirements. Read more information on our logistics services

Stock your products with us for quicker delivery

At Broughton Transport, we also provide warehousing storage facilities allowing us to store and deliver your products. There’s no need to arrange the collection of produce when delivering goods!

Critical communication

Meeting and exceeding expectations for last-minute deliveries requires good communication and at Broughton Transport we provide the latest technology including GPS tracking in our fleet and stock control management software in our warehouses. This allows us to keep you informed on the progress of your goods at every stage.

Partner with our logistics company today

For help with last-minute deliveries, there’s no better solution than partnering with Broughton Transport. Even if you don’t have an immediate requirement for an express delivery, get in touch today so that we can spend time understanding your potential requirements.