What to consider when it comes to commercial warehousing

If you manufacture or sell physical goods, then we’re sure you are aware of the many challenges involved when it comes to stocking and storing items - and the situation has become much more challenging in recent years with the pandemic and capacity issues that the supply chain has been facing.

A properly thought-out commercial warehousing and logistics strategy can, however, help reduce the pain from these challenges, and it can also help dramatically improve efficiencies within the business.

To help you, here are 3 things to consider!

Use local, cost-effective commercial storage

Transporting goods internationally takes up time (especially if you are importing from countries further away than the EU), and this can cause considerable delays in fulfilling orders for demanding clients.

Using cost-effective warehousing and storage, however, means that you have immediate access to stock, and can deliver quicker.

At Broughton Transport, we provide commercial storage options at various locations across the UK with flexible options.

This means that you can easily increase or decrease the space that you require without having to pay any long-term fees for space that you don’t need.

Here you can see part of one of our vast commercial warehousing and storage facilities in Wiltshire.

Commercial warehousing and storage facilities in Wiltshire

Use palleted goods storage 

Using pallet storage allows goods to be picked up and stored more effectively. It also allows maximises storage space, allowing you to keep costs under control.

When searching for a commercial storage location, make sure to choose one that offers palleted goods storage. If you are unclear about the benefits of pallet storage or would like to know more then contact Broughton Transport today.

Understand your commercial storage needs 

The capacity you require may fluctuate throughout the year and any commercial storage that you use needs to be able to support you.

If a commercial warehousing option that you have chosen is unable to support you during peak demand, when you need to store more than usual, then this can impact customer deliverability and, most importantly, your profits.

Need help finding the right commercial storage solution?

At Broughton Transport, we are able to store any type of palletised goods for all types of companies.

Using ambient storage facilities in Wiltshire, we are currently able to store a range of goods including chairs, sofas, office chairs, tables, packaging materials, garden centre goods and electronics - to name a few!

These are just a few examples of the types of goods that we are able to store in our multiple warehouses - that have storage space totalling 55,000 square feet.

Get in touch today for a quote and to find out more. Call our commercial warehousing and storage team on 01225 700 647