When it comes to effective and efficient transportation of goods, a robust pallet delivery network plays a vital role, but what is a pallet network, and how can it benefit you?

In this article, we discuss how a logistics company that uses a pallet network can benefit your business.

What is a pallet network?

A pallet network involves a number of logistics companies partnering together to create a larger network for delivering goods. As a result, this takes pallet transport to the highest standards of service possible.

With close partnership, the pallet delivery network is able to deliver further, quicker and more cost effectively for businesses that rely on pallet transport for their goods. It also means that logistics companies have back up support from their partners if there are any issues during pallet deliveries.

TPN - the ultimate for palletised logistics

Broughton Transport is a proud member of the TPN Pallet Network. By working with over 120 partner companies within the same network, we are able to provide the best service possible when it comes to pallet haulage.

We support our partners, using our extensive fleet of lorries, as well as our various warehouses located across the south of England.

If you would like to find out more, make sure to visit the TPN Network website*

Palletised freight distribution support across the UK

As well as supporting our partners, Broughton Transport benefits from the services of our close partners in the TPN pallet network so that we are able to exceed your expectations when it comes to palletised logistics.

Need help with palleted goods transport?

If you would like to find out more about how Broughton Transport can help you with palleted goods transport, then give us a call on 01225 700 647 today.

FAQs about Pallet Network Deliveries

What is pallet haulage?

Pallet haulage involves the transportation of goods that are packaged and stacked on pallets, this has various benefit when it comes to transportation and storage.

What are the benefits of using palletised logistics?

Because goods are stored on pallets, they can be collected and unloaded quickly. This also helps when goods need to be transferred to another means of transport such as for shipping. The net results are quicker, more efficient delivery of goods.

Palletised logistics also helps to keep storage costs down as palleted goods tend to take up less storage space.

Do I need to consider storage facilities that support palletised logistics?

Yes, you should. At Broughton Transport our warehousing and storage facilities are optimised to handle palletised freight distribution. We have the equipment, expertise, and processes to ensure that all of your palletised logistics requirements are met.

We are also flexible and very affordable. Get in touch by calling 01225 700 647 to find out more.

What areas do you cover? 

When it comes to pallet transport, Wiltshire businesses love the support we provide and the ability we have to ship across the UK. It doesn’t matter where you are based in the UK, we are able to help, thanks to our close partnership in the TPN Network.


Whether you are in Scotland, Wales, or England, give us a call to find out about how we can help you with our palletised logistics and storage.