You might have seen the phrase “Pallet network” on the back of a freight lorry or on a website, but what does that mean, and why should it be of relevance to you?

In this article, we discuss what a pallet network is, how it works, and why you should consider using a freight company that’s part of a pallet network for your business when it comes to shipping goods.

What is a pallet network?

A pallet network consists of a group of freight companies dedicated to helping businesses with the transportation of goods.

The freight companies involved work together to make the delivery of goods as quick and efficient as possible using what’s known as palletised transport.

So, you might be asking…

What’s palletised transport?

That’s a good question. Palletised transport involves moving goods using, if you haven’t guessed already, pallets.

By storing goods on pallets, freight companies can quickly and easily load up and drop off goods during the transportation process. Shipments are quickly disbursed using central hubs, allowing a more local delivery while still benefiting from the ability to transport goods in larger volumes to central hubs that pallet haulage companies operate from.

Goods can also be stored more efficiently compared to alternative storage solutions as pallet storage typically takes up less space.

Palletised transport is sometimes also referred to as pallet haulage or pallet transport and, whether you use the term palletised transport, haulage or pallet transport - businesses know they are getting great service when it comes to supply chain logistics.

How big is a pallet network?

A pallet network can vary in size depending on the number of freight companies that are involved, but clearly, the larger the network and the more members there are, the better you can be served by the pallet network.

Broughton Transport is part of the TPN pallet network which consists of around 120 partners working together to deliver pallet haulage.

If you are looking to work with a pallet network then partnering with Broughton Transport as part of the TPN network is the best choice you can make.

Benefits of pallet network

For businesses, there are many benefits to using pallet haulage and working with someone who is part of a pallet network.

Partnering with a company such as Broughton Transport means that you have immediate access to a huge network of freight companies for shipping your goods.

Broughton Transport is able to deliver quicker and more efficiently with the support of freight companies that might be located in different parts of the UK or that have spare capacity.

Without using a pallet network, there is also a trade-off between waiting for a longer delivery while goods sit in a central hub versus the higher cost of individual shipments from the start to the end of the supply chain.

Either way, your business isn’t getting the most efficient service, and your customers risk longer delivery dates or higher costs.

Interested in palletised transport?

If you would like to benefit from using pallet haulage for your goods, then give Broughton Transport a call on 01225 700 657 today. We would love to talk with you to understand your requirements and to see how we can help make sure you get the most out of using palletised transport.

We are involved in shipping a wide range of goods across the UK using TPN as our trusted and proven pallet network.

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