Optimise your supply chain with the right commercial warehousing

The lack of an effective warehousing and storage strategy can lead to overly high costs, lower profits and dissatisfied customers, but what’s the best way to manage the storage of physical items?

The best supply chain strategy will vary for different businesses and the market dynamics, but for all businesses, it should start with a review of the end-to-end process for storing and shipping goods.

At Broughton Transport, we provide commercial warehousing and freight delivery to businesses across the UK and, based on our experience, here are some top tips to consider:

Include raw materials in your commercial storage strategy

For many manufacturers, the responsibility of providing raw materials is solely in the hands of the raw materials supplier, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work closely with the supplier to find a quicker way to access materials while keeping costs down.

One clever tactic to consider is to partner with the supplier and encourage them to stock raw materials in industrial storage facilities nearer to you.

Having local, and immediate, access to raw materials means that you can avoid bottlenecks in the production line. Raw materials can be delivered quicker and without the lag that exists when shipping materials over longer distances.

You might think that your supplier will never agree to that, but, with the use of palleted goods storage and the TPN network (see below), there has never been a better time to consider local stocking of raw materials.

Palletised goods storage allows individual raw materials to be stored and transported more efficiently and cost-effectively on pallets. With accurate forecasting, your raw materials supplier can potentially save costs on shipping and invest in local storage rather than spend money on warehousing in their own factory - thanks to palleted goods storage.

Use Pallet Storage for finished goods

Pallet storage can also be used for finished goods. Broughton Transport is part of the TPN network, a leading network in the UK of freight companies that work together to ship goods throughout the pallet network.

This means that you can store palleted goods in one of our industrial storage facilities at an affordable cost, and any shipments can be quickly collected from commercial storage and shipped via an established network of freight companies.

For example, you might have 3 pallets of goods to go to 3 different locations. In this scenario, Broughton Transport can deliver all 3 pallets to a centralised hub in Birmingham, where each pallet is then collected by other freight partners for delivery to different locations.

The entire process happens quickly, thanks to the size of the TPN network. To find out more about palleted goods storage and the TPN network, get in touch.

Integrate commercial storage and freight with the right partner

Working with a freight company as well as various commercial storage companies can sometimes be a bit disjointed and requires managing various relationships.

At Broughton Transport, we offer warehousing and storage facilities as well as the collection and delivery of both raw materials and finished goods. With one call to Broughton Transport, we can collect your goods from our facilities and deliver them to your required destination.

As well as being a key partner of the TPN Pallet network, we also have multiple warehouses in Wiltshire totaling 55k sq ft (and one of our locations is 25k sq ft and includes pallet shelving as high as 8m!).

Items that we stock for our clients currently include chairs, sofas, tables, packaging materials, garden centre goods (including barbeques) and electronic devices ranging from jigsaws and hairdryers to kitchen equipment).

Contact Boughton Transport today to find out more and to discuss how we can help you with your commercial warehousing and pallet storage requirements.