There are many benefits to using the TPN  - the pallet network and pallet haulage for the transport of goods for your business. In this article, we will discuss the benefits in detail, but let’s first understand what the TPN network is, and what pallet haulage involves.

What is pallet haulage?

The use of pallet haulage in your business involves storing and transporting goods on pallets. This means that collection and delivery is done without the need to break down and stack goods in a labour-intensive way. Instead, goods can quick and easily be loaded on to the back of a lorry as well as being dropped off at a local warehouse.

Pallet haulage also optimises space during storage, both in warehouses and during transportation.

What is TPN (The Pallet Network)?

The TPN (The Pallet Network) comprises a group of highly professional companies that have proven experience managing logistics and pallet transport. They work together to ensure that customers get their goods transported and delivered as quickly as possible - and at an affordable cost.

TPN is The Pallet Network - the largest pallet network in the UK.

The benefits of using TPN

The TPN Network is set up to allow the pick up and drop off of freight at centralised hubs. This allows for palleted goods transport to be as effective as possible. Pallet haulage companies can deliver larger quantities to a central hub while local deliveries can still take place efficiently from those hubs.

The net result is quicker, lower cost transportation with the highest level of standards possible.

Broughton Transport is proud to be part of the TPN Network, delivering palletised freight distribution across the UK.

Because a large number of freight companies work together closely, goods can be tracked so that you, the customer, are always kept up to date on where your goods are. And because goods are stored on pallets, storage space is maximised and costs are kept down.

Who can benefit from The Pallet Network?

Any business that requires the collection and delivery of goods, whether that’s raw materials or finished goods can benefit from pallet haulage and the TPN Network.

At Broughton Transport, we currently stock and deliver a range of goods including furniture, outdoor garden equipment, packaging materials, electronic devices and machine tools and much more.

If you are in manufacturing or retail, get in touch to see if palleted goods transport is for you.

Want to know more about pallet haulage?


If you would like to know more about palletised logistics, contact Broughton Transport today. We would be happy to discuss how we can help you and to see if palleted goods transport can work for your business.