Broughton Transport is a renowned logistics company with a track record of working efficiently and effectively with their customers. Our extensive fleet of haulage vehicles is able to serve your needs, whether you are based in Reading or the surrounding area.

UK transport and warehousing to suit your needs

At Broughton Transport, we are able to provide local and national UK transport as well as meet your requirements for international shipments - thanks to our great team and our established network of vehicles.

We understand the need for the logistics process to be simple and stress-free for you, which is why we also offer an end-to-end solution that includes warehousing and storage. If you want to optimise your company logistics then consider having your products stored, collected and delivered using Broughton Transport!

Flexible logistics solutions

We tailor our haulage solutions to meet your needs, whether you require small, quick shipments locally using our fleet of vans, or require international shipment using our larger haulage trucks, we can help.

Our ability to be flexible also extends to commercial warehousing. As your business grows, you can very easily expand your storage space with us to reduce the risk of capacity and production issues. You can also reduce your storage space (and storage costs) during quieter times.

Transport lorries serving Reading and the Berkshire area

Our offices are based just down the road in Wiltshire and, thanks to our extended network and various warehousing locations, we are able to service your needs in the Reading, Berkshire area.

With easy access to London, the south coast and the north, Reading is an ideal place to collect and ship your goods from and to.

Logistics and storage services to suit you

We provide a range of services from pick and pack with our commercial warehousing to full inventory management, pallet haulage, palletised delivery and even international shipping of fresh or frozen goods using our temperature-controlled containers.

Pallet Storage and Delivery

We offer over 3,000 racked pallet locations and can offer delivery services direct from our facilities to the final destination.

To find out more about our palletised delivery in Reading or any other service, get in touch.

Why use Broughton for your UK transport and warehousing?

Broughton Transport offers a local friendly service in the Reading area, but with an international reach. Whether you are looking to ship your goods to France and Spain or anywhere in the UK, we can help, thanks to our expertise and skills.

We offer local pallet storage and warehousing facilities to manage your inventory and work with our customers to understand their requirements so that we can provide a seamless logistics solution.

Get in touch for an initial chat - We would love to understand your needs to see if we can help. Give us a call today to find out more about the various services we offer from palletised delivery to commercial warehousing.


As well as UK logistics, what other countries do you cover?

We transport goods daily to the continent including to Spain, Germany, France and Italy. To find out more about our European and UK logistics services, get in touch.

Which regions in Berkshire do you cover?

We serve businesses in Berkshire and Hampshire including Reading, Newbury, and Basingstoke. Call us to find out more!

Besides pallet haulage, what else do you offer?

We have a wide range of vehicles in our fleet including vans and trucks to suit different requirements. This means we can provide local deliveries in Reading as well as palletised delivery to national and international locations.


Get in touch today by calling 01225 700657 for a free haulage quote and to understand more.